solar panel maintenance

Solar Park Maintenance

We offer a full solar panel maintenance service for small to large scale solar farm projects. This includes the initial site clearance and enhancement through the final landscaping and ongoing grounds maintenance. Our systematic approach to maintaining the solar farm grounds will provide an energy producing solar panel system. We provide the following services:

  • Solar park grass cutting

  • Grass cutting under solar PV panels

  • Cutting services to facility buildings and inverters

Increasing Output

A maintenance program is essential in order for solar park systems to work correctly and deliver maximum financial returns. Unfortunately, in our experience planned site maintenance is often overlooked. Luckily, we can advise you on the best method for site maintenance and deliver a planned annual maintenance programme that will reduce your costs and increase the park’s financial output.

Our ongoing maintenance package includes the following:

  • Grass Cutting: Mowing in and around the solar panel array using our specialist machinery.
  • Hedge Cutting: Hedge cutting and surrounding tree works/surveys. This enables site security to be maintained and will stop solar panel shading.
  • Weed Control: Spraying and weed control – blanket and spot spraying, keeping weeds under control.

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