At Currituck Lawn Care, we are excited to be all about making your home – and the world – a prettier, healthier place. Our staff is hands-on, with education in landscaping sciences. We understand both the form and function of landscaping so that our designs are smart and natural.

Smart Landscaping in Currituck County

Our commitment to lawn care in Currituck county has led our staff to study every type of lawn grass that can grow healthily here, and under which conditions the turf will grow. It is the same with flower beds, trees, shrubs, and bushes.

Most of the landscaping we suggest is designed to be perennial. This means that it lives through harsh winters and occasionally dry summers. We want our work to last, and we know that you do not want to have to re-landscape every season.

With smart landscaping, you have a lawn and garden that look nice year-round, with a few accent plants included. We also work in some showy annuals for seasonal color and texture.

Useful Landscaping in Currituck County

Plants make our soil and air healthier. Hardscaping gives us a chance to enjoy our outdoor spaces. That is why we have staff who are expert in stone-work, rain gardens, and other types of hardscaping.

Not only is it our business to know the plants that will thrive in this area, it has been our passion to learn everything we can about stone-laying and hardscapes. Are you tired or mud washing over your back patio every time it rains? Maybe it is time for a retaining wall or a dry creek bed.

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